[RADIATOR] Migration From Freeradius

Jennyanydots Napoleon Shoehorn jennyshoehorn at me.com
Mon Oct 24 17:27:19 CDT 2011


We're looking to move our radius from freeradius to radiator and have just downloaded the trial version and installed on our ubuntu server.

All is working fine but I'm having a few problems adapting to the flexibility of radiator. Am used to a pretty closed system with freeradius.

We have a network of WiFi hotspots, most of which have dynamic IP addresses. 

My auth's mainly working but I need some general assistance getting the following working. Have started with the chilli-radmin.cfg file with some added enhancements.

1. Group check, including download limits, session timeouts etc.
2. How to authenticate against a nas-id, not an ip. We need a shared secret per nas
3. Hunt group implementation - allow, disallow access per network

Sorry if this has been covered in the docs but I've been through and would really appreciate a couple of decent examples. Just need to get started!

Thanks in advance

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