(RADIATOR) newbie-mysql

Rogelio Alvarado Anchisi ralvarado at clarocompanama.com
Fri Feb 13 14:49:58 CST 2004

Hello, I need to configure this, but it gives me this error:
Could not bind authentication socket:  Address already in use at (eval
8) line 527
                                               . caught at radiusd line
I installed the databases, and set my NAS ip numbers into the script and
nothing happened .
I've tried almost everything but take on consideration that I'm new to
this.  I copied the sql.cfg that is on goodies directory and customized
it to fit my company's needs.  Also ran it with the same sql.cfg and no
matter what it only runs with radiusd2.cfg file 
How can I set it up right?

Rogelio Alvarado Anchisi
Ing. de Sistemas  
Galaxy Communications Corp.
Tel. +507-2633021 
Cel. +507-6744093
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