(RADIATOR) AD/LDAP and PEAP question

Joao Martins jmartins at cic.ua.pt
Thu Jun 12 11:29:26 CDT 2003


	I believe that is not possible use LDAP and PEAP authentication
together, if LDAP passwords are encrypted (NT hash, as Mike McCauley
explained to me). So, I'm asking if this is possible with Radiator:

	* I have an Active Directory / LDAP based on Microsoft Windows 2000
	* I have Radiator running on Linux RedHat box.
	* I want to authenticate my wireless users with PEAP, using user
access information on  Windows 2000 AD/LDAP.

	Has anyone implemented a scenario like this?
	Any suggestions???


João Martins

Centro de Informática e Comunicações       Email: jmartins at cic.ua.pt
      Universidade de Aveiro               Phone: +351 234 370099
         3810-193 Aveiro                   Ext:   22299
            Portugal                       Web:   http://www.cic.ua.pt/

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