(RADIATOR) Limiting connections using a custom dialer and UUNET setup

Gilbert Rebeiro gilbert at rebeiro.ca
Thu Jul 18 19:11:28 CDT 2002


I cannot find documentation on OSC-AVPAIR, can you direct me to some. Can 
you describe at a high level what/how the dialer program could send 
something special to radiator to identify itself?



> Hello Gilbert -
> We have recently introduced vendor-specific attributes for Radiator, 
> so you could use the OSC-AVPAIR attribute to do this. If you are 
> wnating to do something special with your own dialer, I suggest you 
> write your own AuthBy module. You should start with the 
> "Radius/AuthTEST.pm" module and refer to section 17 in the Radiator 
> 3.1 reference manual ("doc/ref.html").
> For your last point, this topic has been discussed on the mailing 
> list, so check the archive site and do a search 
> (www.open.com.au/archives/radiator).
> regards
> Hugh
> At 14:31 -0400 17/7/02, Gilbert Rebeiro wrote:
> >Hi,
> >    I will be developping a dialer and am looking for a radius server that
> >will allow me to make sure that my users will only be able to connect if
> >they use my dialer. Does or can Radiator do this? If so how? If I wanted 
> >push updates and communicate with the dialer after the user auths can I 
> >the Exec-Program. I guess I should use the & at the end of the program
> >invokecation.
> >
> >     Also I might use UUNET as a provider, are there any configs available
> >for complying with UUNET's 242 datafilters - for anti-spam?
> >
> >Thanks in advance.
> >Gilbert.
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