(RADIATOR) Simultaneous Request handling

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Thu Jul 11 02:00:23 CDT 2002

Hello Chris -

No - Radiator is single-threaded at this time.

BTW - why don't you want to use "Fork"?



On Thu, 11 Jul 2002 13:06, Chris Myers wrote:
> Hugh,
> I'm wondering if Radiator can handle simultaneous requests
> without forking, in the same way that squid does. (i.e.
> one process - no multithreading).  I know that it has been
> mentioned before on the list that the best way to do this
> was with multithreading but perl multithreading is non-
> production.  Can this be done with a select loop?
> My problem is that if a request starts to block for an
> unexpected amount of time I would like to be able to
> handle other incoming requests.  Naturally loadbalancing
> can minimize this problem but it does not solve it.
> Cheers,
> Chris

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