(RADIATOR) Breezecom Radius Clients

Philip Clever philip at turquoise.net
Sat Jul 6 18:22:00 CDT 2002


We are running Radiator 2.17.1 and are trying to get acounting data from our
breezecom wireless radios (They have a built in Radius client).  I've read
throught the breezecom and radiator manual and am not quite sure how to ge
the accounting data into our database.  I have a radio pointed at the server
with the correct port, and I have a <client x.x.x.x> statement setup in the
config file.  What else do I need?  I think I might need a special handler
of some sort but I'm not sure, my brain is moosh at this point.  Any help is
greatly appreciated.


Philip Clever

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