(RADIATOR) converting mysqldump to livingston format

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Tue Jul 2 19:26:39 CDT 2002

Hello Wilco -

No there isn't, but you could probably write a hook to do it.

You could use a StartupHook that sets up a periodic timeout to check once a 
day (or whatever) whether anything needs to be done. All of the code for 
setting up and managing timeouts is already there, so it would be pretty 

Also, if you are worried about losing accounting information if the database 
has a problem, you should look at using the AcctFailedLogFileName. Have a 
look at section 6.28.17 in the Radiator 3.1 reference manual.



On Tue, 2 Jul 2002 18:34, wilco heinneman wrote:
> Hi Hugh,
> How could I create these tables automagically (with Radiator)?
> When these tables are not there, I don't have accounting information.
> I don't like external scripts (cronjobs) for that.
> Hugh Irvine wrote:
> ...
> > BTW - you can use the same special characters to automatically write to a
> > different SQL table as well (the tables must be created first).

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