(RADIATOR) converting mysqldump to livingston format

Andy De Petter adepette at krameria.net
Tue Jul 2 06:28:14 CDT 2002

AFAIK, Radiator isn't capable of creating those tables by itself.  If 
you don't prefer running cronjobs for that, you could create a small 
script, that creates the tables, for a specific timeframe upfront (like 
for a year or so)?


wilco heinneman wrote:

> Hi Hugh,
> How could I create these tables automagically (with Radiator)?
> When these tables are not there, I don't have accounting information.
> I don't like external scripts (cronjobs) for that.
> Hugh Irvine wrote:
> ...
>> BTW - you can use the same special characters to automatically write 
>> to a different SQL table as well (the tables must be created first).

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