[RADIATOR] Small patches (ServerTACPLUS.pm and builddbm)

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Fri Aug 12 16:48:36 UTC 2022

On 5.7.2022 18.12, Patrik Forsberg wrote:

> I was so happy when I saw “ServerTACACSPLUS log level for client 
> initiated connection terminations is now DEBUG. It's normal for the 
> client to close TACACS+ connection.” In 4.26-10 but quickly realized 
> that it doesn’t block the message I was out to get rid of .. so I made a 
> patch for it! 😊
> It simply modifies loglevel for the messages “ Connection from $peeraddr 
> port $peerport was immediately gone: getpeername failed “ which gets 
> quite annoying, and they are expected most of the time. It follows 
> DisconnectTraceLevel which works fine (as of 4.26-10 that is DEBUG) 😊

Applied, thanks. I'm not completely sure they are expected most of the 
time. I can trigger them with tools such as nmap, but likely monitoring 
utilities and similar can trigger them too. In any case, the immediately 
closed connection is handled gracefully, so it's likely no use to log it 
as an error.

> (go to the directory /opt/radiator/radiator/Radius and appy with “ patch 
> < <path/>ServerTACACSPLUS.pm.patch “)
> Also builddbm doesn’t allow you to run it outside the radiator home 
> directory .. which of course gets quite annoying when using dbm files. 
> So I patched it to use the same routine as radpwts.
> (go to the directory /opt/radiator/radiator and appy with “ patch < 
> <path/>builddbm.patch “)

Applied, builddbm is now idential to radpwtst. It you check the diffs, 
there are also some unrelated changes that address reports from perlcritc.


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