[RADIATOR] radiator requires systemd?

Michael ringo at vianet.ca
Tue Nov 30 21:47:06 UTC 2021

yep worked good.  I used source package and goodies/ stuff. Thanks.

On 2021-11-30 6:17 a.m., Heikki Vatiainen wrote:
> On 30.11.2021 0.46, Michael wrote:
>> yes Debian default was changed to systemd.  i change the default back 
>> to sysvinit.  I'll try installing from source thanks.
> The source packages remain as they have always been. As Dubravko 
> wrote, the deb packages target systems with systemd. The .tgz and .zip 
> packages  are for other init methods, custom installations and other 
> operating systems. There's also a generic init.d file for linux in 
> goodies/linux-radiator.init
> How the deb packages set up the installation is described here:
> https://files.radiatorsoftware.com/radiator/ref/Linux-deb-Installation.html 
> The similar setup is used with RPM packages too.
> Logrotate configuration is available in goodies as goodies/logrotate 
> and systemd unit files are goodies/radiator*.service
> Thanks,
> Heikki

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