[RADIATOR] Debian Bullseye support ?

Patrik Forsberg patrik.forsberg at globalconnect.se
Wed Aug 18 08:31:10 UTC 2021

> > I recently, today, upgraded one of our radiator machines to Debian
> > Bullseye and everything worked as it should except when I tried to
> > start Radiator.
> >
> > It fails for the radiator-radius-utilxs_2.3-1 package with “
> > lib/Radius/UtilXS.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched
> > (got handshake key 0xce00080, needed 0xed00080) “.
> >
> > So.. my question is if you have any plans to release a Debian Bullseye
> > package for “utilxs” ?
> Yes, we actually talked about that yesterday: add it to testing, make sure the
> non-binary deb packages work with it and then compile the binary UtilXS for
> the new Debian release.
> The sources are for UtilXS are available with Radiator downloads, so if you
> are in hurry, you can compile it. Look for Radius-UtilXS-2.3-1.tgz

Na not in a hurry so I'll wait.
FYI: Debian 11(Bullseye) is actually the new stable (as of August the 14th).


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