[RADIATOR] HandleAcctStatusTypes on AuthBYRADIUS

Bruno Tiago Rodrigues bruno.tiago.rodrigues at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 13:38:33 UTC 2020

Hi everyone

I was working on a specific need for a setup, wandering through the
reference guide and came across the support for AccountingStartsOnly,
AccountingAlivesOnly and AccountingStopsOnly on AuthBy RADIUS. Not quite
what I had in mind so I decided to have a look at the source.

It turns out HandleAcctStatusType is exactly what I needed. It's on the
source for AuthRADIUS.pm. It works as expected, as far as I've tried. I'm a
happy camper.

Is there any reason why it is not mentioned anywhere on the reference guide
as supported on AuthBy RADIUS and just for AuthBy SQL and AuthBy MULTICAST ?

Thanks in advance

Bruno Tiago Rodrigues
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