[RADIATOR] Server Status

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Wed Jan 8 15:01:37 UTC 2020

On 07/01/2020 23.03, Michael Hulko wrote:

> I have enabled ServerStatus at both the Global and Client levels, but 
> when I run the following:
> radpwtst -noacct -noauth -status -trace -message_authenticator

Try with '-trace 4'. It looks like the missing value for the trace 
parameter turns off all debugging.

> I get the following response:

This looks fine. Just a couple of notes: the default port and server IP 
radpwtst uses are not the ones below, so this does not match the command 
line above. Assuming you have -trace 4 and port and server IP present on 
the command line, this output looks as expected.

> sending Status-Request
> Tue Jan  7 15:46:06 2020: DEBUG: Packet dump:
> *** Sending to port 1812 ....
> Code:       Status-Server
> Identifier: 0
> Authentic:  
> <224><138><247><210><241><165><224><232><13><159><138>%<170><220><134>L
> Attributes:
> Message-Authenticator = 
> ?J<132>9<228>!<221><150><222>m(<31><211><13><229><160>
> No reply
> I am not sure what I should see.  What am I missing ?  I have tried 
> using all variations of options including the server secret for the 
> local client clause.

Other than missing value for -trace, your radpwtst command looks fine. 
radpwtst uses 'mysecret' as the default secret and sends the probe to port 1645.

I would check the server log and see for any log messages. If radpwtst 
probe comes from an unknown IP, Radiator logs this and replies nothing.

Wed Jan  8 16:58:46 2020: NOTICE: Request from unknown client 

If client is correct but secret is not, it logs this and replies nothing:

Wed Jan  8 17:00:16 2020: WARNING: Bad authenticator in request from (


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