[RADIATOR] EAP Response type 25, but no expected type known - Rogue Access Point?

Ullfig, Roberto Alfredo rullfig at uic.edu
Thu Sep 12 13:45:13 UTC 2019

No, there's only one eduroam server.

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Subject: Re: [RADIATOR] EAP Response type 25, but no expected type known - Rogue Access Point?

On 10/09/2019 20.58, Ullfig, Roberto Alfredo wrote:

> Have some new information now. These errors seems to have gone away on
> their own on our load-balanced service; however, the five eduroam
> (non-load balanced service) errors over the past few weeks are all for
> umn.edu logins so it's highly likely that this is a problem with the
> umn.edu eduroam server. We have users from many organizations using
> eduroam and only that org's logins are failing occasionally.

Load balancing sounds like a possible reason for unexpected EAP
messages. Anything that can split messages between different target
servers could cause that.

Could the eduroam related errors be caused by eduroam service delivering
messages originated by roaming users to different UIC servers?


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