[RADIATOR] Prometheus statistics output

Tarko Tikan tarko at lanparty.ee
Sun Dec 29 13:16:52 UTC 2019

Hey and happy holidays,

Radiator SNMPAgent has served us really well over the years to get the 
server statistics to our monitoring system. We are now moving towards 
Prometheus and I'm looking into how to get Radiator metrics to Prometheus.

I could definetly write my own exporter that queries Radiator via SNMP 
and outputs Prometheus metrics (I could even use snmp-exporter for 
that). Or I could write a script that converts SNMP or StatsLog into 
suitable textfile and expose it via node-exporter textfile exporter.

But all this feels like a hack in 2020 :)

Are there other Radiator users who would be interested in native 
Prometheus metrics support? This would be exactly like SNMPAgent - HTTP 
listener on user-defined port that exposes server statistics on /metrics 
format. That could be then collected directly by Prometheus.

Looking at the code it'll not be too difficult to add and could be 
something that ends up in the goodies. Or perhaps it could be something 
that will be added officially as Prometheus is quickly becoming defacto 
metrics collection system in the cloud era?


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