[RADIATOR] Radiator TACACS+: How to log authorizations of user commands?

Patrik Forsberg patrik.forsberg at ip-only.se
Thu Aug 15 13:36:57 UTC 2019

This is all possible.
Check the goodies directory for

they give good hints on how to set this up.

As for success/fail you can use for example
        <AuthLog FILE>
                Identifier      AuthLogger
                Filename        %L/fail-authlog
                LogSuccess      0
                LogFailure      1
                FailureFormat   %l REJECT user=%u from=%c nas=%N client=%{Request:Calling-Station-Id}
        <AuthLog FILE>
                Identifier      IdentSuccessAuthLogger
                LogSuccess      1
                LogFailure      0
                Filename        %L/success-authlog
                SuccessFormat   %l ACCEPT user=%u from=%c nas=%N client=%{Request:Calling-Station-Id}

Which would create one success logfile and one failure logfile and also pick out the interesting bits ..

Patrik Forsberg

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Subject: [RADIATOR] Radiator TACACS+: How to log authorizations of user commands?

Hello fellow Raditor AAA users,

We like to setup logging of Tacacs+ command authorization. We were only able to find Authentication an Account logging examples.
Authentication successes and failures in a single line log entry would be a great feature, instead of having to re-reading a complete user session in /var/log/radiator/radiator.log to find out which commands where used.


Jan Gerrit Kootstra
On behalve of KPN ACN Present BeheerInfra Services.

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