[RADIATOR] Radiator/Tacacs+ related question: How to manage the number of sessions to a specific device?

BeheerInfra-OT at kpn.com BeheerInfra-OT at kpn.com
Thu Aug 15 12:21:17 UTC 2019

Dear fellow Radiator users,

A short intro for those who do not know my team. We work for a Telco called KPN in the Netherlands and we are new to Radiator and are setting up Radiator for various AAA solutions. Some other teams in our company mainly use Radiator for Radius AAA.

While setting up Radiator for TACAS+ AAA, one of the projected user groups requests us to limit the number of user sessions to their devices. Currently we use <Auth by File>
Do you know a way to set it up?

We are not familiar with the use of <Auto by SQL>, so it is not yet a way for us to go, if it can be postponed that would be nice.


ir. Jan Gerrit Kootstra
On behalve of  KPN ACN Present BeheerInfra Services
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