[RADIATOR] Unable to disable NAS check

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Tue Sep 18 13:48:13 UTC 2018

On 13/09/2018 21:43, Rohan Henry wrote:

> We added the name to IP mapping in the host file and got it working.
> Logs below.
> "Wed Sep 12 16:11:52 2018: DEBUG: Checking if user is still online: 
> unknown, mhibbert.bar,"
> I wondered why the logic need to be like that. I expected that Radiator 
> would already know the NASType and therefore not start any NAS check. 
> But it appears that disabling NAS check is dependent on the CountQuery. 
> Apparently, the CountQuery line is checked first.

CountQuery by defaults returns the active sessions user has. If it looks 
like the user has hit the limit, Radiator can do an additional chek from 
the NAS to see if the user is still online. This additional check allows 
Radiator to keep its DB in sync with the actual state on the NAS. In 
other words, sessions that are gone from the NAS will be found this way.

The session information count query must conform to what Radiator 
expects. For example, the first column must be the NAS ip (or name, with 
IP prerred). This IP is used to look up Client and from Client Radiator 
gets the NAS type. If NAS type is not set for the Client, the no 
additional action is taken (apart from logging the above and querying 
the default module that always says user is there to match DBs view).

I think if you have SessSQL queries set correctly, see the reference 
manual, you should not need any additional host file changes.


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