[RADIATOR] Unable to disable NAS check

Rohan rohan.henry at cwjamaica.com
Tue Sep 11 19:21:42 UTC 2018



I cannot disable NAS check.


NAS check (NASType is set to unknown by default) should be disabled by
default but radiator is still checking user status even when NASType is set
to ignore. How do we disable NAS check?


We are using version 4.14


Log output:


Thu Aug 30 23:59:40 2018: DEBUG: Query to
'dbi:mysql:radius_session:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX': 'select username from
jam_session_database where username='altheabennett'': 

Thu Aug 30 23:59:50 2018: WARNING: JAM_SDB Could not find a Client for NAS
altheabennett to double-check Simultaneous-Use. Perhaps you do not have a
reverse DNS for that NAS?

Thu Aug 30 23:59:50 2018: DEBUG: Radius::AuthSQL REJECT: Simultaneous-Use of
1 exceeded: altheabennett [altheabennett] Thu Aug 30 23:59:50 2018: DEBUG:
AuthBy SQL result: REJECT, Simultaneous-Use of 1 exceeded


Following is our Session DB config:


<SessionDatabase SQL>

        Identifier      JAM_SDB

        DBSource        dbi:mysql:radius_session:XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

        DBUsername      xxxxxxxx

        DBAuth          xxxxxxxx

        AddQuery insert into jam_session_database (username, \

                 acct_session_id, timestamp, framed_ip_address, \

                 calling_station_id, nasport, circuit_id, remote_id, \

                 nas_identifier, class_message, dsl_actual_data_rate_up,
dsl_actual_data_rate_down, \

                 dsl_attainable_data_rate_up, dsl_attainable_data_rate_down,
bng_mac_address) \

                 values ('%n', '%{Acct-Session-Id}', '%{Timestamp}', \

                 '%{Framed-IP-Address}', '%{Calling-Station-Id}',
'%{NAS-Port}', \

'%{DSLForum-Agent-Remote-Id}', '%{NAS-Identifier}', '%{Class}',\

'%{DSLForum-Actual-Data-Rate-Downstream}', \

'%{DSLForum-Attainable-Data-Rate-Downstream}', \


        CountQuery select username from jam_session_database where

        DeleteQuery delete from jam_session_database where






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