[RADIATOR] Radmin behavior

Christian Meutes christian at errxtx.net
Mon Jun 18 12:41:17 UTC 2018

On 18/06/18 13:15, Christian Meutes wrote:

> I wonder if it's possible to use Radmin also for subsequent
> checks/replies after EAP-TLS authentication.
> I created a new AuthSelect statement which differs from the DEFAULT
> statement only by leaving out the PASS_WORD field. Then I tried to
> authenticate again, which did work. Then I tried to validate if checks
> can still be done in case you want to prohibit access to a certain user.
> I created the user and set the valid-from and valid-to dates which were
> both in the past. But unfortunately the user is still able to gain
> access. Seems like missing out the PASS_WORD field from the SQL
> statement results in making no checks at all anymore.

Ok, easily solved by using NoCheckPassword in Radmin AuthBy and leaving 
query as default. :>

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