[RADIATOR] TOTP authentication with Oracle

Denis PAVANI d.pavani at cineca.it
Mon Jul 30 13:43:20 UTC 2018


I am trying to setup totp authentication using google authenticator.

We use Oracle as a backend DB, which is perfectly working for 
accounting. When using totp, I got errors, an accounting failure and 
then radiator crashes (test instance, Radiator 4.16)

Last line in the log is

Mon Jul 30 15:33:26 2018: DEBUG: Query to 'DBI:Oracle:db105.dbc': 
'select secret, active, pin, digits, bad_logins, accessed, 
last_timestep, timestep, algorithm, timestep_origin from totpkeys where 

The same query done on commandline using sqlplus works.

Could you share any suggestion?

Best regards.


Ing. Denis Pavani

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Tel: +39 02 26995.348
skype: d.pavani.at.cineca

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