[RADIATOR] Change order in how "include" reads files in a directory ?

Patrik Forsberg patrik.forsberg at ip-only.se
Tue Jul 17 14:14:05 UTC 2018


I'm abit curious on how Radiator decides in which order it reads files it's supposed to include into a configuration ?

I have a statement like
# Define our home directory
DefineFormattedGlobalVar Radiator_Home /etc/radiator

# Include any .cfg file that is named *.cfg in conf.d directory
Include %{GlobalVar:Radiator_Home}/conf.d/*.cfg
in radius.cfg

and looking at a 'radiusd -c -log_stdout' it seems to read the configurations from conf.d in no particular order ?
This kind of messup the configuration as somethings need to be prioritized over others in the final compiled configuration .. correct ?

Say I have some global statements <AuthBy XXX> and then a few <Realm xxx> and then <Hanlder XXX> and a final <Handler> that takes the rest that is not already handled.. after looking at how it reads the files I now seem to get first a few global <AuthBy> then Handler and then Realm and lastly some other global <authby> things .. .

Are there any way to easally get the compiled version of the configuraition from radiusd ?

I've named the files according to priority as 1- , 2- and so on.. ending with 999-final_handler.cfg but that seems to be ignored :|


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