[RADIATOR] DefineFormattedGlobalVar issues after upgrade to 4.17

Patrik Forsberg patrik.forsberg at ip-only.se
Thu Jan 26 10:12:47 UTC 2017


I upgraded one of our 4.13 Radiator installations to 4.17 today and ran into a minor snag.

It looks like DefineFormattedGlobalVar is not working correctly.. I have
DefineFormattedGlobalVar Radiator_Home /etc/radiator
DbDir %{GlobalVar:Radiator_Home}/raddb
And then
<SessionDatabase DBM>
        Identifier              SessionDBM
        Filename %D/online_users

The last bit fails with
WARNING: SessionDBM Could not open DBM online database file '{GlobalVar:Radiator_Home}/raddb/online_users': No such file or directory
In the logfile.. it didn't do that in 4.13 ..

Patrik Forsberg

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