[RADIATOR] Radiator service install on Windows Server 2016 leaves a NOT_STOPPABLE service

Robert Fisher robert at sitestar.net
Tue Jan 10 14:40:15 UTC 2017

Thank you, adding that line to Win32Service.pm resolved the issue for me.

Robert Fisher
Systems Administrator
Sitestar Internet Services

On 1/10/2017 7:28 AM, Sami Keski-Kasari wrote:
> Hello Robert,
> Thank you for reporting this.
> It seems that there are some changes in Windows server 2016 service 
> manager defaults.
> In windows server 2016 service must declare controls that it accepts.
> We need to test this before putting it to the patches a little bit 
> more with other windows versions.
> In meanwhile, you can manually edit Win32Service.pm by adding 
> following lines marked in + before StartService():
>  sub service
>  {
> +    &Win32::Daemon::AcceptedControls(SERVICE_ACCEPT_STOP|
> +                                    SERVICE_ACCEPT_SHUTDOWN|
>      &Win32::Daemon::StartService();
> Best Regards,
>  Sami
> On 08/01/2017 20.22, Robert Fisher wrote:
>> Running into a new issue.   We're replacing our older machines
>> with some new ones running Windows Server 2016 -- I've also
>> replaced our use of ActivePerl with Strawberry as I finally saw
>> that ActiveState had changed their license.
>> Everything seems to behave normally, except when I install
>> the services via the Win32::Daemon -service -installservice,
>> the services it creates will start with the NOT_STOPPABLE,
>> Of course I can still kill the individual perl processes with
>> taskkill, but I would prefer to be able to stop and start
>> the processes via the services tools (net start|stop,
>> sc start|stop, and services.msc).
>> The only other differences I've noted is that with the
>> Strawberry instance, I'm actually running 64 bit perl
>> application so i had to shift my DSNs from 32 to 64 bit,
>> and that on my older Win2008 R2 box, the reg keys
>> HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Radiator,
>> have two subkeys, Enum and Security, which do not
>> exist with the install on Win2016; however, I do not
>> remember if these were created by the install or if
>> I had simply copied what I used in earlier win32
>> service installations utilizing instsrv.exe and srvany.exe.
>> So far, I've not found what triggers this state.  Has anyone
>> else ran into this or have suggestions?

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