[RADIATOR] Missing documentation for LogFormatHook in <Log SYSLOG>

Karl Gaissmaier karl.gaissmaier at uni-ulm.de
Mon Aug 14 12:21:32 UTC 2017

Hi Heikki,

Am 14.08.2017 um 12:56 schrieb Heikki Vatiainen:
>> Additionally: Why is Logformat not supported in <Log SYSLOG> ?
> I think it can be supported if needed. Would support similar to what 
> Log FILE has be what you are looking for? In other words, there are 
> four specials that control the format (in addition to common formats).

I need just the possibility to replace special characters with 
Radius::Util::format_special() not only in LogFILE but also for the 

see my use case:

> <Log FILE>
>     Trace       2
>     IgnorePacketTrace
>     Identifier  radiatorlog
>     Filename    %L/radiatorlog
>     LogFormat   %l %s: PID-%{GlobalVar:ThisPID}: %1: 
> %{Calling-Station-Id} %c %{Client:Identifier} %{Handler:Identifier} %2
> </Log>

I use a lot of context additonal to the plain %s message to find the 
needle in the haystack. Mostly I need to know what handler (OMG I've a 
lot of them in my config!) and what client was responsible for the 
message, if available.

The same is true for LogSYSLOG, sent to central syslog server.

Yes I know (now ;) there is a LogFormatHook supported and I would use 
them otherwise, but a simple Logformat line is simpler and easier to 
read and maintain.

And by the way, I don't see a reason why LogFILE und LogSYSLOG are 
different to use %{special:characters} from the packet and process context.


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