[RADIATOR] more memory leakage?

Fredrik Pettai pettai at nordu.net
Tue Sep 27 10:44:21 CDT 2016

> On 26 Sep 2016, at 21:10, Heikki Vatiainen <hvn at open.com.au> wrote:
> On 26.09.2016 16:40, Fredrik Pettai wrote:
>> I saw that 4.17 was released, and it was plugging at least one memory leak according to the Release notes.
>> So I’ve upgraded our systems now, but it still looks like Radiator is continuing to consume memory at a very fast phase...
> Can you reply to me directly with your configuration (no secrets or 
> passwords needed)? I'd like to see what you have enabled and what the 
> parameters are.
> The leak Niels reported happened when radiusd was reloaded to read 
> configuration changes. Do you do this also? We got a report that there 
> still seems to be a memory leak wit reload case and we are looking at 
> this. I'm wondering if this might be related. Or do you see it to grow 
> even without a reload?

No, we do not do regular reload with configuration changes.

>> (A rough guestimate of the number of radius authentications handled by these servers is ~500.000 Accepts/Rejects per day, RADSEC is enabled/running too...)
> Do you have an estimate of unique users? Do most of them use EAP such as 

I’ll see what I can dig out. From a survey we made earlier, it should be mostly PEAP…


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