[RADIATOR] 100% load 1 cpu core

Christian Kratzer ck-lists at cksoft.de
Thu Feb 4 03:12:39 CST 2016


On Tue, 2 Feb 2016, SinTeZ Wh1te wrote:

> Hello List!
> After installing Radiator on the test server, I got a problem with the 100%
> load 1 CPU core but the others are unused.
> Screenshot
> http://i.imgur.com/eQjK5k8.png

there are various ways to distribute load over multile cores on radiator by fanning processes out to multiple radiator instances.

But before getting into that we need to understand a lot more of your setup.

You seem to have a quite simple proxy radius configuration.

I have had setups with high load where a single frontend radiator process has distributed eap radius requests to multiple backends for cpu intensive eap processing with the Farming feature.  In those cases the frontend has had no trouble at all to keep up with the load.

I do see though that your radiator process seems to have high memory consumption over 100MB in your screenshot.

That makes me wonder how responsive the backend is that you are proxying to.

Radiator needs to keep track of all the requests it has proxies to the other host so if that host cannot keep up with the load a queue will build up on the frontend and it will start resending which will cause even more load on the backend.  So generally if the backend cannot keep up things might go down the hill quite fast.

Not sure if this is your issue. That would need further investigation.

Please tell us more about:

1. the type of requests you are handling
2. the type of the backend you are proxying to


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