[RADIATOR] Request for enhancement: Log Handler InfluxDB or at least UDP

Karl Gaissmaier karl.gaissmaier at uni-ulm.de
Tue Feb 2 05:14:53 CST 2016

Hi Heikki,

thanks for fast reply and interest!

Sorry, I was ill, therefore I couldn't answer til yet.

Am 29.01.2016 um 18:31 schrieb Heikki Vatiainen:
> ...
> Yes, this is very interesting. I looked at the line protocol
> specification and it should be easy to implement with a formatting hook
> for authentication. Accounting should be fairly easy too.
> It might be worth considering a seprate log agent to forward the logs to
> InfluxDB (or in genral to other logging, graphing, etc. systems). This
> would separate the duties: radiator would create formatted logs and the
> agent could handle the actual log forwarding.

yes, like heka http://hekad.readthedocs.org as forwarding agent and/or 
anomaly processor.

Heka has also a sandboxed Lua interpreter to decode unusual log formats, 
maybe I'll not implement the hook in RADIATOR.

Maybe it's really enough to create normal logs and use heka (or similar 
to process anomaly detection and forward it to graphite/influxdb.

I'll rethink my request for enhancements.

> This would also make it easier to add accounting and debug log
> forwarding too since they can already be formatted when written to files.
> If you need help with logformat hook, just let me know. I am interested
> in helping you with this.

If I do it as a RADIATOR hook, I'll come back to your offer.

Thank you very much, the RADIATOR team is great!

Best Regards

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