[RADIATOR] 100% load 1 cpu core

SinTeZ Wh1te sintezwh1te at gmail.com
Tue Feb 2 03:00:19 CST 2016

Hello List!

After installing Radiator on the test server, I got a problem with the 100%
load 1 CPU core but the others are unused.



# Listen for addresses using default ports
BindAddress     ::,

AuthPort        1645,1820
AcctPort        1646,1821

# Uncomment these for foreground debugging

User            radiator
Group           radiator

DbDir           /etc/radiator
DictionaryFile  /etc/radiator/dictionary
LogDir          /var/log/radiator
LogFile         %L/radiator-log-%Y-%m
PidFile         /var/run/radiator/radiusd.pid

# Dont turn this up too high, since all log messages are logged
# to the RADMESSAGES table in the database. 3 will give you everything
# except debugging messages
Trace 2

# You will probably want to change this to suit your site.
# You should list all the clients you have, and their secrets
# If you are using the Radmin Clients table, you wil probably
# want to disable this.
<Client DEFAULT>
Identifier Client-DEFAULT
Secret 12345
DupInterval 0

Secret 12345
AuthPort 1820
AcctPort 1821

With regards,
Alexander Yakunin
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