[RADIATOR] [Radiator] Error connecting to readonly RADMIN Mysql DB

Laurent Duru laurent.duru at lugos.fr
Thu Mar 19 05:18:16 CDT 2015


My configuration as is :

Blue server : Radiator + Radmin + Mysql Master
Red Server : Mysql Slave

There is a Master-Slave Replication between blue and red, I need to avoid Radiator writes on Red.

In my Radiator config I use a Read/Write account to connect to Blue and a Read Only account to connect to red.

When Blue Mysql is down, requests failover to Red server but I get this error message :

Thu Mar 19 11:11:11 2015: ERR: Execute failed for 'select PASS_WORD, STATICADDRESS, TIMELEFT, MAXLOGINS, SERVICENAME, BADLOGINS, VALIDFROM, VALIDTO from RADUSERS where USERNAME=‘XXXXX'': Can't call method "prepare" on an undefined value at /usr/lib/perl5/Radius/SqlDb.pm line 287.

When I use Read/Write account for Red there is no error …

Is this configuration feasable ?
Have you encountered this error ?

Thanks a lot for your help,

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