[RADIATOR] ClientListSQL RefreshPeriod parameter problem

Bengi Sağlam bengi at socialandbeyond.com
Tue Mar 3 10:20:30 CST 2015

Hi all,

I have been fetching client details from the SQL database by using the
clause. For the configuration of the radiator I have defined some global
variables, and some of them are for configuring client list clause as it
seen below:

DefineGlobalVar host
DefineGlobalVar port 5432
DefineGlobalVar dbname bengiRadius
DefineGlobalVar dbusername bengi
DefineGlobalVar clientListRefreshPeriod 60
DefineGlobalVar getClientQuery SELECT TEXTCAT('MAC:', r.NASID) AS

        DBUsername      %{GlobalVar:dbusername}
        GetClientQuery  %{GlobalVar:getClientQuery}
        RefreshPeriod   %{GlobalVar:clientListRefreshPeriod}

My problem is "RefreshPeriod" parameter of the clause. When I hardcode
it ClientListSQL
refreshing its client list by rereading the database , however when I
define the parameter as global variable it fails, and does not refresh the
list. Isn't it possible to use a global variable to define RefreshPeriod?

Bengi Saglam.

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