[RADIATOR] F5 and Radius - Load Balancing Not Working

Ullfig, Roberto Alfredo rullfig at uic.edu
Fri Jul 24 07:54:24 CDT 2015

It appears to be acting like this because we are using mschapv2. Has anyone gotten an F5 to properly load balance packets when using mschapv2? It would appear that we need to create special irules to split the packets.

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We've configured our F5 per their documentation. We are testing with one WISM and seeing all the connections go to one Radius server in the pool (10 servers). Rarely, a different server is chosen. The F5 shows "connections" being evenly distributed but I don't know what "connections" means because the number of Radius authentications is much greater (170 connections vs thousands of radius connections from over 1200 different users). It seems like the F5 is creating a tunnel and the WISM is just sending everything through it. We've contacted F5 support but were wondering if this could be an issue with the WISM. Has anyone seen this before? Thanks!

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