[RADIATOR] Radiator Version 4.15 released - security fixes and enhancements

Hartmaier Alexander alexander.hartmaier at t-systems.at
Thu Jul 16 05:42:03 CDT 2015

Hi Heikki,
that's a great release!

I couldn't find info about CEF and JSON logging in the reference manual,
should be included at least as keywords with a pointer to the
'logformat.cfg' goodies file although I'd prefer having it in the main docs.

Is there a way to log the used TLS version and cipher to find out which
ones are in use before restricting it with the new EAPTLS_Protocols and
EAPTLS_Ciphers config options?

Best regards, Alex

On 2015-07-15 14:40, Heikki Vatiainen wrote:
> We are pleased to announce the release of Radiator version 4.15
> This version contains fixes for an EAP-MSCHAP-V2 and EAP-pwd
> vulnerability. Upgrade is recommended. Please review OSC security
> advisory OSC-SEC-2015-01 for more information:
> https://www.open.com.au/OSC-SEC-2015-01.html
> As usual, the new version is available to current licensees from:
> https://www.open.com.au/radiator/downloads/
> and to current evaluators from:
> https://www.open.com.au/radiator/demo-downloads
> Licensees with expired access contracts can renew at:
> https://www.open.com.au/renewal.html
> An extract from the history file
> https://www.open.com.au/radiator/history.html is below:
> -----------------------------
> Revision 4.15 (2015-07-15)
>       Selected fixes, compatibility notes and enhancements
> Fixes an EAP-MSCHAP-V2 and EAP-pwd vulnerability.
> OSC recommends all users to review OSC security advisory
> OSC-SEC-2015-01 to see if they are affected.
> https://www.open.com.au/OSC-SEC-2015-01.html
> perl-ldap-0.32 or better is required. Should be available in all current
> systems.
> EAP-pwd requires Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum 0.06 or later from CPAN
> Configurable TLS version and ciphersuite selection for TLS based EAP and
> stream modules
> CRL checks for the entire certificate chain can now be enabled
> Included Gossip framework with Redis based implementation
> Support for Gossip when communicating next hop proxy failures between
> Radiator instances
> Shared duplicate cache for a more simple server farm configuration
> Windows Event log support
> Custom format support for logs, authentication logs and accounting logs.
> CEF and JSON included
> Support for IEEE 802.1AE, also known as MACsec
> All AuthBys now support PostAuthHooks
> Various binary modules are now available from OSC and were removed from
> the Radiator distribution
>       Detailed changes
> Added VENDOR STI (Server Technology Inc.) 1718 and multiple STI VSAs to
> dictionary. Contributed by Garry Shtern.
> Added VENDOR PacketDesign 8083 and VSAs PacketDesign-UserClass and
> PacketDesign-FTP to dictionary. Contributed by Garry Shtern.
> Added SN-Software-Version to dictionary. Reported by Bruno Tiago Rodrigues.
> Changed type of VENDORATTR 3076 Cisco-VPN-DHCP-Network-Scope in
> dictionary.cisco-vpn from text to ipaddr. Reported by Kilian Krause.
> Dictionary updates: Added H3C proprietary values H3C-SSH and H3C-Console
> for Login-Service. Changed Lancom LCS-Mac-Address type from string to
> hexadecimal. Added H3C-Priority. All reported by Philip Herbert.
> Zero length writes are now skipped in Stream.pm write_pending() used by
> RadSec, Diameter, SIGTRAN and other stream protocols. SCTP does not
> support 0 length syswrites on all platforms and may close the socket if
> zero length write is done.
> Added VENDOR Airespace 14179 VSAs 7-11 and 13-16 to dictionary.
> AuthBy GROUP now updates current AuthBy for %{AuthBy:parmname}. When
> AuthBy GROUP is used, this special formatting now gets the parameter
> value from the current AuthBy within the group instead of the AuthBy
> GROUP itself.
> Updated VENDOR 1991 Foundry VSAs in dictionary. foundry-privilege-level
> is now a synonym for brocade-privilege-level. Added a number of foundry
> VSAs.
> LDAP Version now defaults to 3 instead of 2. Updated a number of LDAP
> configuration example files in goodies to reflect this change.
> Ldap.pm now uses the LDAP object's disconnect method, instead of closing
> the socket directly.
> AuthBy LDAP2 and AuthBy LDAPDIGIPASS now use escape_filter_value
> provided by Net::LDAP::Util instead of escapeLdapLiteral in Ldap.pm
> Ldap.pm escapeLdapLiteral is now deprecacted and perl-ldap-0.32 or
> better is required.
> RefreshPeriod in ClientListSQL and ClientListLDAP now support special %
> formatting. Suggested by Bengi Sağlam.
> Updated VENDOR 2011 Huawei VSAs in dictionary. Huawei-Input-Basic-Rate
> is now an alias for Huawei-Input-Peak-Rate. Huawei-Output-Basic-Rate was
> changed similarly. Some of the attribute numbers appear to have
> different names and types between different devices. Huawei-User-Type,
> Huawei-MIP-Agent-MN-Flag and Huawei-Requested-APN are now aliases but
> aliasing may be handled with separate dictionary files in the future.
> Huawei-HW-Portal-Mode was renamed to Huawei-Portal-Mode.
> WiMAX dictionary updates: changed WiMAX-Session-Termination-Capability
> type to integer and added one value: Dynamic-Authorization. Changed
> WiMAX-PPAQ TLV Quota-Identifier type to binary. WiMAX subattributes
> within single Vendor-Specific attribute are now correctly decoded.
> Dictionary updates for Huawei: Reverted the recent aliasing changes. The
> conflicting attributes are now in a new Huawei specific dictionary file
> goodies/dictionary.huawei1. This new dictionary file contains attributes
> used by, for example, Huawei packet gateway / Wi-Fi controller. Since
> Huawei seems to use device specific dictionaries, additional dictionary
> files are added as needed.
> Added new AuthLog EVENTLOG and Log EVENTLOG modules for logging to
> Windows Event Log. Added eventlog.cfg in goodies for configuration
> example and more information about how to set up registry and DLL Event
> Log helpers. Precompiled DLLs are available in goodies\windows-dll with
> source files and compilation examples.
> radiusd now handles SIGINT (typically from Ctrl-C) similar to SIGTERM.
> Added support for shared and global DupCache. Radiator now supports 3
> different options for the new DupCache configuration parameter: local
> (the default), shared (uses shared memory) and global (uses Radiator's
> Gossip framework). When DupCache is set to shared, DupCacheFile sets the
> location of the mmapped shared memory file. Shared DupCache is recommend
> when FarmSize configuration parameter is set. With shared or global
> DupCache, the backend workers do not need to have
> UseContentsForDuplicateDetection enabled anymore. DupCache shared
> requries Cache::FastMmap module. Sample configuration eapbalance.cfg in
> goodies was updated to demonstrate the new configuration parameters
> DupCache and DupCacheFile.
> Added a number of VENDOR 22610 A10-Networks VSAs in dictionary.
> Contributed by Scott Bertilson.
> Changed the types of WiMAX-PPAQ TLVs Volume-Quota, Volume-Threshold,
> Resource-Quota and Resource-Threshold to hexadecimal. This makes the 8
> or 12 long values easier to handle in PPAQ applications.
> Updated shared and global DupCache debugging and initialisation. If the
> required Cache::FastMmap is not available when DupCache is set to
> 'shared', Radiator will log a message and refuses to start. The
> availability of Cache::FastMmap is checked during the configuration phase.
> Added support for Gossip protocol framework and Redis based Gossip
> implementation. Radiator's Gossip implementation allows Radiator
> instances to share information and event notifications. The instances
> may be part of server farm, completely separate processes running on the
> same or different hosts or any combination of thereof. Redis based
> Gossip is configured with GossipRedis clause. At first, Gossip support
> is provided for RADIUS duplicate cache: When the global configuration
> parameter DupCache is set to 'global', GossipRedis will be used for
> RADIUS duplicate cache. More Radiator modules will be added and upgraded
> to use the Gossip framework in the future. Requires Data::MessagePack
> and Redis Perl modules from CPAN.
> Updated AuthLog SQL examples in goodies to use SQL bind variables.
> Added Radiator Gossip framework support to AuthBy RADIUS. Multiple
> Radiator instances can now communicate next hop host unreachability and
> reachability information with Gossip messages. This allows, for example,
> just one member to run Status-Server queries when FarmSize configuration
> parameter is enabled. Added new configuration parameter
> NoKeepaliveTimeoutForChildInstances to limit Status-Server probing to
> the first farm instance only. The new features are also available to
> AuthBy RADIUS sub-types, such as, ROUNDROBIN and HASHBALANCE. See
> goodies/farmsize.cfg for a configuration example with shared duplicate
> cache and Gossip and Redis configuration.
> Updated EAP-pwd to use unpatched version of Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum.
> Radiator 4.14 and earlier required Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum 0.04 +
> patches. These patches are no longer needed, and version 0.06 or later
> from CPAN is now required instead. Caution: Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum 0.04
> + patches in Radiator goodies no longer work with the current version of
> EAP_52.pm (EAP-pwd). You must update to Crypt::OpenSSL::Bignum 0.06 or
> later.
> Updated dictionary with new attributes for vendors 14823 Aruba, 25053
> Ruckus and 25506 H3C.
> Fixed a problem that could cause a crash if AuthBy RADIUS was configured
> with the Synchronous parameter, FailureBackoffTime was set and the next
> hop proxy becomes unreachable. Reported by Diogo Gonçalves
> EAP-pwd now correctly adds the user's and AuthBy's reply attributes in
> the Access-Accept.
> The first components in @INC, the Perl library search locations, are now
> checked for readability. Unreadable directories may cause hard to
> diagnose failures when Perl modules are loaded. This may happen, for
> example, when radiusd process is started as a user with restricted
> privileges. Reported by Kilian Krause.
> Added support for AuthBy specific PostAuthHook configuration parameters.
> All AuthBys can now define a PostAuthHook that will be called when the
> AuthBy is done processing the request and has returned. The hook
> parameters are the same as for Handler's PostAuthHook. After the
> optional PostAuthHook has run, result, reason and Identifier from the
> AuthBy are saved in $p for subsequent AuthBys and other use. Updated
> duo.cfg in goodies to use PostAuthHook for password splitting.
> Added support for IEEE 802.1AE, also known as MACsec. Radiator will now
> return EAP-Key-Name attribute if requested by the RADIUS client.
> EAP-Key-Name is supported for the following EAP methods: EAP-FAST,
> RADIUS attributes using encrypt=2 flag or decode/encode_salted directly,
> now have their initialisation vector set to all zeroes when there would
> otherwise be a circular dependeny between the RADIUS fixed header
> Authenticator, the initialisation vector, and the encrypted attribute
> value. This allows, for example, proxying RFC 5176 dynamic
> authentication request so that the encrypted values can be correctly
> recovered, provided that target also uses zero IV similarly. Known to
> work with vendor 6527.
> EAP-TLS now rejects possible EAP-TLS conversation restart attempts
> instead of replying, again, with an alert. Some EAP-TLS peers, such as
> Windows, may try to restart the EAP-TLS conversation after certain
> alerts such as 'Unknown CA'. Reported by Pieter Jan Van Meerbeeck.
> Updated a number of configuration samples in goodies: 'DupInterval 0' is
> usually not needed and can be harmful. The default value of 10 seconds
> is preferred and non-default values are only necessary in very unusual
> circumstances. Handler clauses are in most cases more flexible than
> Realm clauses. Other typo fixes and small corrections.
> EAP-FAST now checks Net::SSLeay::get_keyblock_size() calls for error
> return values. Also, Net::SSLeay 1.68 and earlier with OpenSSL 1.0.1 and
> later may return incorrect values, not errors, for get_keyblock_size()
> which cause authentication to fail. Fix in Net::SSLeay 1.69 allows it to
> return correct values with recent OpenSSL versions, and any error return
> values are now correctly checked by EAP-FAST.
> Added new configuration parameter TLS_Protocols to set the supported SSL
> and TLS protocols for Stream based modules, such as Diameter and RadSec.
> New configurations should use TLS_Protocols instead of UseSSL or UseTLS.
> TLS_Protocols overrides UseSSL and UseTLS when defined. TLS_Protocols is
> not defined by default. Added new configuration parameter
> EAPTLS_Protocols to set the supported TLS protocols for TLS based EAP
> methods, such as EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS and PEAP. EAPTLS_Protocols is not
> defined by default. Both TLS_Protocols and EAPTLS_Protocols accept a
> list of comma separated values. The supported values are: SSLv3, TLSv1,
> TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 Added new configuration parameters TLS_Ciphers and
> EAPTLS_Ciphers to define the allowed cipher suites for Stream protocols
> and TLS based EAP methods. The parameter format is OpenSSL cipher string
> format. Both parameters default to DEFAULT:!EXPORT:!LOW TLS_Ciphers and
> EAPTLS_Ciphers can be defined separately from TLS_Protocols and
> EAPTLS_Protocols.
> Updated vendor ZTE 3902 VSAs in dictionary.
> Added support for TLS_Protocols and TLS_Ciphers parameters to Monitor
> and Server HTTP
> TLS_Ciphers and EAPTLS_Ciphers now support formatting characters.
> Net::SSLeay and SSL library version, if available, are now logged after
> SSL library initialisation.
> Added goodies/logformat.cfg, showing how to use LogFormatHook for
> authentication log and AcctLogFileFormatHook for accounting messages.
> Added LogFormat.pm with sample hooks for formatting accounting messages
> in JSON format and authentication log entries in JSON and CEF (ArcSight
> Common Event Format) formats.
> Removed non-functional support for the obsolete RSA ephemeral keying.
> See TLS_DHFile, EAPTLS_DHFile, TLS_ECDH_Curve and EAPTLS_ECDH_Curve for
> the currently supported forward secrecy methods.
> Updated Radiator's Gossip module Perl requirements based on suggestions
> by Alan Buxey. Testing with Net::SSLeay 1.69 and LibreSSL 2.2.0. OK.
> Added support for CRL checks for the entire certificate chain. New
> configuration parameters EAPTLS_CRLCheckAll for TLS based EAP methods
> and TLS_CRLCheckAll for stream based protocols, such as RadSec and
> Diameter, enable X509_V_FLAG_CRL_CHECK_ALL to turn on CRL checks for the
> entire certificate chain. Note: you need to also have EAPTLS_CRLCheck or
> TLS_CRLCheck enabled for any CRL checks to happen. If the CRL files for
> the intermediate CAs are not found, certificate check fails with:
> 'SSL3_GET_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE:no certificate returned'.
> Updated configuration samples in goodies to include the recently added
> TLS and related parameters. Updated other goodies files with various
> other fixes.
> Documented SSLCiphers in the reference manual and updated LDAP
> SSLCiphers default value from 'ALL' to 'DEFAULT:!EXPORT:!LOW'.
> Updated ldap.cfg to mention possible interoperability problems between
> HoldServerConnection and ServerChecksPassword when the both are set.
> Suggested by Niels Monen. Documented SSLCiphers in ldap.cfg
> Removed Authen::Digipass and Authen::ACE4 binary modules from the
> Radiator distribution. Direct contact with OSC is now preferred to find
> out how to compile these modules for your chosen OS, Perl version, Perl
> distribution and 32 or 64 bit platform. Added 32 and 64 bit Win32-Lsa
> ppms for Strawberry Perl 5.22.
> DBM file handling is not working on Strawberry Perl 5.20 or 5.22.
> Disabled AuthBy DBMFILE checks from test.pl on Windows meanwhile this is
> investigated.
> Updates to EAP-MSCHAP-V2 and EAP-pwd identity handling. See OSC security
> advisory OSC-SEC-2015-01.

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