[RADIATOR] AuthBy Syslog port

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Fri Feb 6 01:02:24 CST 2015

On 5.2.2015 20.09, Michael wrote:
> Correct me if i'm wrong, but is it the non-radiator Syslog perl module
> that doesn't have an option to specify the port?

Yes, support for options depends on the Sys::Syslog version. The latest 
version support port but, for example, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is not recent 
enough. The problem is mostly with the API: the old versions do not 
provide the interface that is used to pass the port to the module.

> On 05/02/15 12:59 PM, list at airstreamcomm.net wrote:
>> We are experimenting with docker containers and running radiator in the most minimal footprint possible, which means we wanted to avoid an unnecessary install of rsyslog.  Will this option be available in future releases?

Sys::Syslog version 0.28 is the minimum version with the interface that 
supports specifying the port number. Version 0.30 has a fix port 
handling ports which improves the performance that's useful if the log 
rate is high.

An option in Radiator is possible. The future release could use the new 
API for all options, including the port number, and revert back to the 
old API with older versions. I'll investigate this.

Meanwhile you could consider local modifications if your Sys::Syslog is 
recent enough.


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