[RADIATOR] Using the Monitor interface to Radiator

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Aug 23 18:24:32 CDT 2015

Hello list -


I've been trying to integrate the Radiator monitoring interface with Nagios
and MRTG, specifically to graph the request rate and average response times
on an ongoing basis.


To do this, I'm using Net::Radiator::Monitor to query the Monitor port with
StatisticsOnly and LogMicroseconds enabled.  This lets me extract the
variables "Average response time" and "Total requests"; the latter can be
graphed as change over time to get request rate, and this works as expected.


The problems I have are -

*  The 'Average response time' metric does not appear to be what it says -
it is continually increasing, and is possibly total time spent handling
responses?  I cannot find any detailed documentation covering this.

*  All the statistics reset to zero when I do a reload or restart of
Radiator.  This would not normally be an issue, but we hold Node
configuration in an externally managed database table, and this is
apparently only read on restart or reload, so we need to regularly reload
the config to obtain any updates to this table.  Each time the statistics
reset, I lose a polling cycle as it has to re-establish the interval


Can anyone clarify the meaning of the monitor parameters, specifically the
Average response time one?


Is there any way to make the Radiator software re-read the nodes table
without resetting the statistics?  All the other database tables (Yubikeys,
TOTP keys etc) seem to be read on demand, but not the nodes table.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.





Steve Shipway

Unix Design Team Lead

The University of Auckland

T: +64 9 3737 599 ext 86487

E: s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz <mailto:s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz> 

(GNU Terry Pratchett)



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