[RADIATOR] Hourly Authentication-Count Downward Spikes

Ullfig, Roberto Alfredo rullfig at uic.edu
Mon Aug 24 12:41:35 CDT 2015

Hello all,

It's the first day of classes here and we're seeing hourly successful authentication-count downward spikes starting around 5-10 minutes before the hour - was wondering if any other people here see the same thing in their environments and whether this is a result of user behavior and not an actual problem.

We're looking at the number of successful authentications per 5 minutes. During the summer we would max out at 5K but there were no downward spikes. We are now hitting 30K (shortly before noon) and this drops dramatically to 15K within the span of perhaps 20 minutes.

Roberto Ullfig - rullfig at uic.edu
ACCC Research Programmer

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