[RADIATOR] Migrate Cisco ACS to Radiator

Hugh Irvine hugh at open.com.au
Thu Oct 10 21:32:52 CDT 2013

Hi Jim -

I believe we offer this as a custom service.

I've copied Heikki on this email and he can provide details and costs.



On 11 Oct 2013, at 06:25, Jim Tyrrell <jim at scusting.com> wrote:

> Hi, we need to migrate a customers users from their own Cisco ACS RADIUS 
> server into our Radiator servers, but apparently its not possible to 
> export the users passwords in a format we can import.  I don't have 
> direct access to the ACS server but have been given a dump that includes 
> passwords in the following format
> Password      :    0x0020 8e 0c b4 cb 26 7b 20 10 fa 0f 80 77 ec c5 f5 
> 20 a5 4c ea ac f1 f9 dd ca 7b 8e 81 39 ca 21 d0 f4
> Chap password :    0x0020 84 12 e3 bb 64 65 53 f9 61 7b 5d b4 f0 f4 9a 
> 1b a4 8c da 6e 52 fa fd 34 95 c2 fb 8a a8 a8 fa 16
> Does anyone have experience importing usernames and passwords into 
> Radiator from ACS (textfile, or MySQL or LDAP)?  From what I understand 
> you can only export with the passwords encrypted using a Cisco algorithm 
> so you can only import into another ACS server.
> Thanks.
> Jim.
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