[RADIATOR] Help for Fidelio

Davide Di Gregorio d.digregorio at prasisrl.it
Mon Jul 30 02:33:08 CDT 2012

i’m trying to get fidelio + radiator + aruba controller working.
Communication between the three is done but Micros asked me two things:
1) changing the config of radiator to have only number in the RN field and no alphabetics characters.
2) the TA field to have a value greater than 0 or no records to be sent to the interface if case of free use.

Thank you for your help,


Davide Di Gregorio

Prasi S.r.l.

Via Rocca Tedalda n. 87/89

50136 Firenze

Tel. 393/9869117 


e-mail: d.digregorio at prasisrl.it


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