[RADIATOR] Radiator 4.10 make test errors

John Coy johncoy at anc.net
Sun Jul 15 21:27:31 CDT 2012

> Hello,
> I am in the process of moving my Radius server to a cloud-based server
> on Rackspace.com.  The cloud server is running Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS.
> I downloaded the latest Radiator version 4.10 from your site, and also
> downloaded the patches which I applied.
> When I run "make test" I get the following test failures:
> not ok 5a
> not ok 5d1
> not ok 5d2
> not ok 5f
> The remaining tests pass.
> I'm sure these errors are related to a Perl library or some other
> library not being installed on the server, but it's unclear from just
> the test numbers what they may be.
> Can you assist with this issue?

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