[RADIATOR] newbie questions and 64 bit windows install

Randy Rue rrue at fhcrc.org
Mon Oct 24 15:02:46 CDT 2011

Hello All,

Trying to upgrade an inherited install to from 3.something to 4.9 on new

Trying to follow the basic install instructions including the Win32-Lsa
module so this can point at an AD.

Installing to a W2K8R2 (64 bit) server and installed ActiveState's Perl64

Can't get the LSA installed using the line from the instructions:

"ppm install http://www.open.com.au/radiator/free-downloads/Win32-Lsa.ppd"

I get an error, "ppm install failed: The PPD does not provide code to
install for this platform."

If I look in the ppd file, sure enough, I see case statements for versions
up to 5.12 only.

Am I better off installing a 32bit and/or earlier version of ActivePerl?
Does a 64 bit install buy me any benefits that are worth any extra work of
making it fly?

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