[RADIATOR] Odd issue w/Radiator and MacOS...

Heikki Vatiainen hvn at open.com.au
Tue Dec 13 15:07:44 CST 2011

On 12/13/2011 10:52 PM, Jeff Kell wrote:

> We setup a new Radiator instance on what we hope to be "permanent" housing, but are
> having an odd issue.
> MacOS doesn't seem to issue EAP accepts, they're going off in left field and never
> returning.  Windows works.  Or it is just a possible coincidence in our test cases that
> Mac fails / windows passes.

The Macs seem to complete EAP but no actual traffic gets sent or received?

In this case see that you have this:


In the AuthBy where you defined the certificates for EAP.

> We have taken turns pointing Radius at the primary and secondary initial servers and
> both work fine, the issue is only with the "new" instance.
> We checked Perl dependencies between the two and they seem to match (checking CPAN
> installed modules).

Which Radiator version are you running? The above settings defaults to 1
in < 4.9 and was changed to 0 in version 4.9 because the trouble Macs
and IOS devices were having with version defaulting to 1.

This has usually been the problem with Macs. Otherwise they work fine
with Radiator.

> The only difference in the old and new servers is CentOS 5.6 vs PUIAS 6.1 (giving us
> Perl 5.8.8 vs 5.10.1).
> Ring any bells?
> I guess we can punt to the old standbys, but trying to follow a newer direction with our
> platforms...
> Jeff
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