[RADIATOR] Odd issue w/Radiator and MacOS...

Jeff Kell jeff-kell at utc.edu
Tue Dec 13 14:52:20 CST 2011

We setup a new Radiator instance on what we hope to be "permanent" housing, but are
having an odd issue.

MacOS doesn't seem to issue EAP accepts, they're going off in left field and never
returning.  Windows works.  Or it is just a possible coincidence in our test cases that
Mac fails / windows passes.

We have taken turns pointing Radius at the primary and secondary initial servers and
both work fine, the issue is only with the "new" instance.

We checked Perl dependencies between the two and they seem to match (checking CPAN
installed modules).

The only difference in the old and new servers is CentOS 5.6 vs PUIAS 6.1 (giving us
Perl 5.8.8 vs 5.10.1).

Ring any bells?

I guess we can punt to the old standbys, but trying to follow a newer direction with our


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