[RADIATOR] PEAP(MSCHAPv2), AD and Radiator on Linux

Caporossi, Stephen G. capoross at musc.edu
Wed May 19 15:00:35 CDT 2010


I stayed away from this option for a long time because of the same “Caution”...about a month ago we decided to give it a try and have had no issues...~2000 wireless clients at any given time..


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What are my options if we want to authenticate wireless users with PEAP (MSCHAPV2) against an AD and my Radiator is running on Linux ?

Am I forced to use AuthBy NTLM ? If it’s the only option, there is a caution in the goodies/ntlm_eap_peap.cfg : Caution: AuthBy NTLM blocks while waiting for the result output of ntlm_auth. Can this affect the capacity of Radiator to handle high level of authentications ?

Is AuthBy LDAP2 will work with AD and PEAP and MSCHAPv2 ?

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