[RADIATOR] Different systems assigned to different groups

Alexander Hartmaier alexander.hartmaier at t-systems.at
Wed Jul 15 11:06:21 CDT 2009

You can either use multiple <ServerTACACSPLUS> sections with tacacs+
configured on different ports which match the tacacs+ client groups or
maybe code a hook which does the checking based on a client text file or
the like.
Remember, it's Perl!

Am Mittwoch, den 15.07.2009, 16:48 +0200 schrieb kspen:
> Hello, i have just installed radiator and im trying to configure it. Im using
> flat files for the users, etc. I have a question to ask, is it possible to
> assign different ip's at different groups using radiator??
> Let's say for example that i have group1 and group2, and i have 3 different
> routers (R1:, R2: and R3
> I want  group1 to have access at R1 and R3 and group2 to R2 and R3.
> I was able to do that on tacacs+(using acl that was assigned in each group)
> but unfortunately im not getting anywhere with radiator. I've tried some
> tricks with NAS-IP-Address but i didnt have the desired result!
> Can anyone help please? If you need any more details do not hesitate to ask
> me.
> Thank you
BR Alex

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