[RADIATOR] Duplicate attributes

Matthew Watson matthew.watson at staff.netspace.net.au
Thu Nov 20 00:25:49 CST 2008


  I'm having an issue where a handler isn't being selected when as far  
as I can see it should be,

The handler is

<Handler Realm=adsl, cisco-avpair = /client-mac-address=/>
         RewriteUsername s/\@adsl//
         AcctLogFileName %L/telstra/%c/%v%f-%i-%H
         SessionDatabase SDBTelstra-ADSL
         Identifier L2TPADSL
         AuthLog AuthLogSysLog
         AuthBy TelstraADSLFileGroup
         PostAuthHook file:"%D/rejectplaypen.pl"

There is a Client handler which changes the incoming username to  
username at adsl,

A accounting packet is coming through with

         Acct-Session-Id = "0/0/1/20_00007DCE"
         Framed-Protocol = PPP
         Framed-Address =
         User-Name = "ksd at netspace.net.au"
         cisco-avpair = "connect-progress=LAN Ses Up"
         Acct-Authentic = RADIUS
         Acct-Status-Type = Start
         NAS-Port-Type = Ethernet
         NAS-Port = 16777236
         NAS-Port-Id = "0/0/1/20"
         cisco-avpair = "client-mac-address=faff.0008.4804"
         Service-Type = Framed-User
         NAS-Identifier =
         Ascend-Session-svr-Key = "CFAA1E6A"
         Acct-Delay-Time = 0

Thu Nov 20 17:08:02 2008: DEBUG: Rewrote user name to ksd
Thu Nov 20 17:08:02 2008: DEBUG: Rewrote user name to ksd
Thu Nov 20 17:08:02 2008: DEBUG: Rewrote user name to ksd
Thu Nov 20 17:08:02 2008: DEBUG: Rewrote user name to ksd at adsl
Thu Nov 20 17:08:02 2008: DEBUG: Handling request with Handler  

For some reason though, radiator is skipping over this handler and  
falling into a catchall, is this because of the duplicate cisco-avpair  
attributes? Anyone know if this is the case, or is there some other  
reason it is skipping over the "Realm=adsl, cisco-avpair = /client-mac- 
address=/" handler?


Matthew Watson.

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