(RADIATOR) enable privilege levels for TACACS+ server

Chris Rosan Chris.Rosan at europcar.com.au
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One of my techie's solved this a few months ago, but he's left now. I'll
try and explain it as best I can.


We use LDAP auth off our Active directory. We have static entries in a
MYSQL database that correspond to the usernames. It means we have to
maintain the database with the priv levels once (when a new staff member
starts) but not passwords etc.


In the config file:



        Key YOURKEY

        AddToRequest NAS-Identifier=TACACS

        DefaultRealm our.ad.realm or domain

        GroupMemberAttr tacacsgroup

        AuthorizeGroup admin permit service=shell cmd\* {priv-lvl=15}

        AuthorizeGroup power permit service=shell cmd\* {priv-lvl=14}



<Handler NAS-Identifier=TACACS,Realm=my.ad.realm>

        Description IT Admin Accounts

        RewriteUsername s/\@my\.ad\.realm//

        <AuthBy GROUP>

                AuthByPolicy ContinueUntilReject

                AuthBy AuthByLDAP


                <AuthBy SQL>

                        DBSource        dbi:mysql:radius

                        DBUsername      dbusername

                        DBAuth          dbpassword


                        AuthSelect select PRIV_LVL from TACACS where

                        AuthColumnDef 0, tacacsgroup, reply




This should be able to be done by any SQL database that radius supports,
or even just with a flatfile.


We have a database "TACACS" with 2 columns. The first column is
"USERNAME", second "PRIV_LVL". These are self explanatory. 




Chris Rosan



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I try to run in addition to the Radius server the TACACS+ server.  On
cisco router you can get into different privilege leves by using enable
# where # is a number between 1 and 15.  On a normal TACACS+ server this
corresponds to users enable#  e.g. 15 different users and passwords. 


The Tacacs+ client sends among others the following AV pairs


Service = ENABLE

Privilege Level = #

User-name = fred

User-password = fred


In the Radiator log  I can only see among others the following


Service-Type = Administrative-Login

User-name = fred

User-password = fred


The Service Type changes from User-Login to Administrative-Login but I
can't identify the privilege level attribute ? 


How can I get access to the privilege level attribute from TACACS+ ?


Thank you



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