(RADIATOR) Cisco 4402 Session-Timeout Issues

David Heinz heinzdb at corp.earthlink.net
Tue Apr 3 14:39:23 CDT 2007

I have a Cisco wireless controller (the 4402). I have 2 standard WLAN's 
configured on it, one authenticates off of LDAP via RADIUS using WPA 
stuff...one is wide open and uses a portal for authentication purposes. 
This of course will be used for any vendors who come to visit the 
company. The problem I am seeing is the following..

I would like to limit the Vendors session to a specific amount of time. 
I am sending back a "Session-Timeout" to the user, and its being applied 
as at times the session will timeout at the given interval. I say at 
times because there are other cases when the device will send an 
"Interim" accounting packet...and then my session will terminate exactly 
the "Session-Timeout" + Acct-Session-Time that was sent in the interim 
packet. It seems like the Wireless controller is resetting the 
"Session-Timeout" to the original value once it receives an ACK for any 
interim accounting packets.

Is this the proper behavior of Session-Timeout? Or is this 4402 code 
from Cisco flawed? Any ideas?


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