(RADIATOR) Missing Start Record - IP allocation woes

Joe Hughes joeyconcrete at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 02:43:13 CDT 2006

Hi All

I have a problem which I think is caused by a missing start records
from our NAS. I handle address allocation myself in Radiator in the
AuthBy. When someone authenticates successfully I carry on to the next
AuthBy which then appends the framed-ip-address to the reply. They
user then logs on, the NAS sends a Start record and I create a
session. For each subsequent interim accounting message (Alive) I can
update the stats for that session. When I receive a Stop, I free up
the IP and delete the active session. This all works fine.

I occasionally get a strange issue where I receive an access-accept,
it authenticates ok, I then allocate them an IP address and send it
back in the reply. The NAS doesn't receive/accept the access-accept
and immediately sends another access-request. Obviously in my system I
assume the user logged on because the auth check worked ok. Is there
anyway of handling this scenario?

I may implement a procedure that checks that each active IP/Session
received a start message (They should be sent immediately from our
NAS), if after 5 minutes of not receiving a start message, delete the
session and flush the IP back.

How do others handle this scenario?

Incidently, I have a procedure that checks the number of active
sessions against the number of IP addresses in use, if this is
different then I will be notified. It's a very rare occurrence and
normally happens when a user is constantly
start/stop/start/stop/start/stop sessions (ADSL line drops for
instance), its like the NAS gets its knickers in a twist.



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