mark mark at dis-europe.nl
Wed Jul 12 06:27:02 CDT 2006


I am testing a setup where LDAP is used as a central directory fo
authenticating and authorizing users for server-acces and also
router/switch access.

I want the ServerTACACSPLUS passing the authentication and authorization
over too ldap. Authentication isn't the problem; the AuthAttrDef
directive does seem too work (in logging i see the attribute added too
the access-accept, but never in the switch-log)

When i put my authorization in the ServerTACACSPLUS section it works
fine, with the ldap-users.

My question is ,can i use AuthAttrDef in this situation, for authorizing
users on a cisco switch or should i look for a different solution ?

Greetings Mark Mul

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