(RADIATOR) Forwarding EAP-PEAP to another Radius server

Franck Villien franck.villien at cgey.com
Thu Feb 26 07:53:18 CST 2004


Just starting with Radiator ,and no answer found in archive mailing list about How to forward 
an PEAP request sent by a WXP SP1 through an Cisco AP to a standard Radius server.
(which does not support PEAP).

I've started from a mix of eap_ttls_proxy.cfg and eap_peap.cfg templates
and  I'm not able to forward to a standard Radius server 
What is the content of the users file for the user anonymous ?

Here is an extract of the radius.cfg

<Handler TunnelledByPEAP=1>
        <AuthBy RADIUS>
                Secret SECKEY

        <AuthBy FILE>
                Filename %D/users
                EAPType PEAP
                EAPTLS_CAFile %D/certificates/demoCA/cacert.pem
#               EAPTLS_CAPath
                EAPTLS_CertificateFile %D/certificates/cert-srv.pem
                EAPTLS_CertificateType PEM
                EAPTLS_PrivateKeyFile %D/certificates/cert-srv.pem
                EAPTLS_PrivateKeyPassword whatever
#               EAPTLS_RandomFile %D/certificates/random
                EAPTLS_MaxFragmentSize 1000
#               EAPTLS_DHFile %D/certificates/cert/dh
                #EAPTLS_CRLFile %D/certificates/crl.pem
                #EAPTLS_CRLFile %D/certificates/revocations.pem
                SSLeayTrace 4
                # EAPAnonymous anonymous at some.other.realm
                #EAPTLS_SessionResumption 0
                #EAPTLS_SessionResumptionLimit 10
                EAPTLS_PEAPVersion 0


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